Almost Human: About Us

Just as I was beginning to despair of seeing theatre
truly of its time, along they came.
Witty, scary, messy, smart.
Theatre in the moment of being made…
or of falling apart.

Mike Pearson [Pearson/Brookes]


Almost Human makes experimental theatre.

The way that they do this is to come up with things that are very difficult to achieve in a live environment and then, they make machines which help them to do it, and then they practice using the machines and then they try to do what they’ve practised in front of an audience.

Almost Human likes the synergy of simple actions.

Almost Human likes stories but they don’t like acting them out.

Almost Human like to go to DIY superstores.

Almost Human like to watch the making of documentaries on DVD’s.

Almost Human gets very scared before a performance because they think the machines might fall apart but Almost Human know that they shouldn’t worry and should just embrace failure because the right sort of failure is very watchable.

Almost Human like miniatures which they know is very geeky but they don’t care.

Almost Human live in the Netherlands, the United States, and the UK – and sometimes in Canada.

Almost Human have been Almost Human since 2012.

Almost Human have been nominated for two awards which they are very grateful for.