After The Thaw

International film-as-performance company Almost Human present their first venture into film production, ‘After The Thaw’, a music video for Scottish acoustic songwriter, Lorkin O’Reilly.

Merging traditional film making with stop motion animation, ‘After The Thaw’ explores constructed fantasies, loss and destruction, and the gentle, melancholic warmth that longing provides us when we find ourselves missing someone, or something.

A man has designed a model world in which to lose himself, but when he exacts his frustrations with his constructed fantasy upon the model itself, he finds his battle to remain there could destroy the very fabric of its being, Meanwhile, a member of his family is submerged by an ongoing, enveloping yearning that only draws her further into its comforting embrace as she continues the day to day activities of uncertainty and grief.

‘After The Thaw’ is a film that explores the complexities of longing from almost traditional masculine and feminine perspectives. Whether the loss is felt in the real or the fantasy world, the hurt and the grief are still very apparent.

The soothing blend of reality and fantasy is reflected by Lorkin’s musical style, which combines “deft lyrics and dreamy rhythms” that have inspired the images and themes within the film.

Lorkin O’Reilly: