In 1914 it was a futuristic cityscape. In 1922 it existed only in the mind. In 1943 it was Europe. In 1944 it was The Other. In 1999 it was repeat after repeat of Friends. In 2002 it was coming to earth soon. Thirteen years later, in Spring 2015, it’s a camera spinning into infinity. A nauseating grindhouse movie, a never ending penance of mediocre karaoke and second-hand technology.

International theatre company Almost Human presents a live made film of Dante’s Divine ComedyDante Undone takes its audience on a cinematic roller coaster from the depths of hell to the lights of heaven. Using solely home-made technology and old toys, Dante Undone is a celebration of the lo-fi, analogue and hand-made.

Join us on a journey seen through Dante’s eyes, as we travel through hell’s unsettling and strangely beautiful bleak landscape.

“ Almost Human cross borders in more ways than one. Their specific blend of green-screen technology, live and pre-recorded audio, and live illustration and prop manipulation results in performances that straddle the line between cinema and theatre. The real-time construction of these on-screen environments by the company blurs the line between performer and technician. It’s a thoroughly modern and innovative response to the reality of living and working in different countries, and the results are captivating.”

Gareth Cutter, Flare Festival


“In this immerse, creative, bold and unravelled journey through the levels of Hell, prepare to be constantly surprised.”

Paul Levy, FringeReview


“As attention settles into watching the careful and beautiful film and film making, the audience can begin to pay more attention to the beautifully scripted soundtrack. The writing brings together cultural and political comment, moments of light and dark and humour and depth. This performance offers great depth, thought and intelligence, through the content, the structure and risk-taking style of the performance.”

Jess Burford-Redgrove, The Daily Fringe


For more information or press materials, please email us at info@almost-human.org, or via the form on the bottom right corner.


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