Help Us Out
Although we have survived and thrived for years without any arts funding, we certainly wouldn’t mind actually having a budget for our current and upcoming productions. So we’ve set up a safe donation system through PayPal, the income of which we’ll put towards production materials such as miniatures, paints, green screens and more. But what’s in it for you? Well, we decided to reward everyone who decides to help and sponsor us with these amazing awards:

‎£1,- and under: Gee, thanks.

‎£5,- You will receive invitations to our release parties, premieres and events, whether you like it or not.

‎£10,- An instantaneous thank you selfie, from wherever we are in the world at that moment.

‎£15 ,- Script scraps. You will receive signed pages or scenes from an actor’s on-set script. Coffee stains optional.

‎£20,-  You will receive a unique hand-written Letters from Another Island postcard composed whilst we were sober, clear-headed and utterly focused on the task.

‎£25,- You will receive a unique hand-scrawled Together postcard written while we were drunk, which we’ll regret horribly by the time it arrives.

‎£50,- A signed and lipstick-kissed (courtesy of Alec) Dante Undone poster.

‎£75,- You will be put in the credits of our next project.

£100,- We will model one of our miniature people in Letters from Another Island after you.

‎£200,- We will name a character in our next piece after you.

‎£250,- Dinner for two. We will personally cook you a lovely meal and bore you with endless anecdotes.

£1000,- We will come to perform The Fruits of Failure where ever you like in Europe, just for you.

‎Anything over £1000,- Seriously, you name it.

‎The moment we receive a 1000 pounds through donations, we will host a party to which all donaters are invited to celebrate your lovely selves. So, what are you waiting for?