Letters from Another Island: Almost Human

 “This show struck me as inventive and rejuvenating, a perfect addition to its time. A must-see!”

Lily Chu, FringeReview


“Complex. Innovative. Thoughtful. Disorienting.”

Michael Calcott, Fringey Bits


“A very original, crafted piece of work that powerfully shows how multi-media can produce compelling pieces of art. Almost Human are certainly paving the way forwards with playful and creative work.”

Charlie M. Hammond, Talking Tidy


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About the production


Letters from Another Island is a performance of live filmmaking that follows the thoughts, prayers and confessions from six 20-somethings; musing on their own first world problems and some problems that are very much of another world. Nominated as the Best Online/Digital Content Performance at the Welsh Critics Awards 2014 and the Prague Fringe Creative Award 2014; Letters from Another Island is a refreshing take on theatre and film.

The production works as an installation that is simultaneously a film set, sound recording studio, cinema and performance space. By using one green screen, six miniature sets, six performers and a lot of Foley art; this dynamic production becomes a colourful choreography of performance and technology. With miniature sets, model railways, cardboard cut-outs and old toys the piece creates a modest celebration of the lo-fi, analogue and hand-made.

The narrative first follows the thoughts of Erica and Herman, one who wants a cause or path and the other who has one but it’s based on paranoid fantasies. Next come Julian and Yvonne; one who wants perfect love of a woman but knows it doesn’t exist and the other who had perfect love but lost it because her purrfect love, a cat called Lawrence, was killed in a tragic accident. Lastly, Gabriel and Justine, one who wants to be thought about constantly and the other plagued by a god who will not leave him alone.


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“Insightful and uncanny (…) A refreshing take on theatre and film.”

-L.F. Thomas, rep. National Theatre of Wales


“Very much a product of its time, Letters from Another Island is a multi-media extravaganza with a lo-fi, hand-made aesthetic.”

North Devon Journal


“Almost Human invites audiences into the midst of a world that is uniquely their own: strange, beautiful, and charming (…) If you want to walk around in a whirlwind of live cine-dramatic performance, this is the one for you. Highly recommended, see it while you can!”

Nicholas Hansen, Prague Film & Theater Center


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For more information about Letters from Another Island, press material, tour dates or potential bookings, please contact us at info@almost-human.org, or via the form in the bottom right corner.


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