October update

It’s been a busy few weeks for the team. Before we all set off to Barnstaple for shooting the After the Thaw music video, Almost Human Lisa has a few updates on what else we’re up to…


Almost Human’s recent travels in Israel brought us new trials, new rewards and new adventures. Performing at the Acco Festival of Alternative Theatre in the North of the country, we found ourselves negotiating with British Airways, performing in a 2000 year old citadel, and taking a huge amount of selfies with a group of Chinese performers! It was a fantastic adventure and our longest journey with Letters From Another Island yet. Read more about it here.

With all our recent tr12168005_10153631742710499_1153025133_navels, When We Grow Up has remained in the planning stages. However, with 2016 looming we’re now getting schedules together, deciding how the project will look artistically and exploring how we can deliver a high quality youth project in Devon. There’s a mixture of research and discussions still to be done, but with a little more time, and hopefully a chance to meet with potential collaborators while we’re working in Barnstaple at the end of October, we should have a bigger update for you soon.

Speaking of Barnstaple – we’re heading back on the 27th October to film the music video to After The Thaw. I have been beavering away in Shrewsbury working on the model at the Alma Street yard (thanks again to Dad for storing all our stuff and helping us build things and giving us free materials!). There’s still a lot to do, but look out for photo updates on the Facebook page as the model takes shape. Starting with this gem!