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“Audacious. Enthralling. Challenging. Delightful.”

“Together” was performed at the 2016 Prague Fringe Festival 45 times in 9 days, which great responses. Please read former Canadian Ambassador Michael Calcott’s review below.   “A Prague idyll.  That is what I experienced yesterday by participating in “Together”, Almost Human’s personalized tour of Mala Strana.  Each performance involves only four participants – the explorer, the observer, the lover and the dreamer – who are given a headset which provides the instructions for their individualized tour.  I was the lover and was accompanied by a lovely young woman while a love letter was read over the headphones.  We wandered through […]


Making “Together” in Prague

For more details on the project and the upcoming show at Prague Fringe Festival 2016, please click here. Together is a performance about being playful in the city again. Through the medium of an audio tour and various small installations, 4 participants take to the streets of Malá Strana to follow 4 different routes, which will lead them in specific narratives to explore the city. They will encounter each other and various festival locations at points, to finally come together at a dinner table. A performative love letter to the city; Together is a piece of wonder, excitement and engagement. Together started […]


Amongst Ghosts and Robots

“Together: A Story of Forgetting” was presented as a pre-documentation of Together at the exhibition Amongst Ghosts and Robots at the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam in June 2015. This was its accompanying text.   “Place for me is the locus of desire. Places have influenced my life as much as, perhaps more than, people. I fall for (or into) places faster and less conditionally than I do for people.” -Lucy Lippard[1]   There are many terms to define a site: Space, place, landscape, city, country, the French wine term terroir or perhaps, region, territory, location, and many more. As a […]


Through the Audience’s Eyes

Our site-specific performance Together took place in Barnstaple this June, with great success. Now, two months later, we finally developed the pictures that were taken on disposable cameras during the shows. But what’s so special about these pictures is that we didn’t take them. Neither did we ask a professional photographer to take care of the show’s documentation. One of the participants, the Tourist, always embarked on a quest to find a small disposable camera inside the Queen’s Theatre; armed with their camera they were asked to document the town. What is important? What do you see? What is overlooked? The […]

Together by Roos Bekkenkamp

FringeReview: Together

Review published May 26, 2015 by Rosa Irwin Clark Suddenly the whole of Barnstaple becomes a stage; the people the performers, the architecture and scenery, the set. It feels electric. Four audience members gather outside the Queen’s theatre and are met by volunteers who assign us a role: The Archaeologist, The Tourist, The Local and the Flaneur. I opt for the Archaeologist (I’m told it’s an active role). We have a bit of trouble getting the track to play in sync but once we begin it is immediately exciting. The softly spoken voiceover guide has a soothing European accent. She […]


North Devon Journal: Together

Discover Barnstaple in a totally new light and take a journey of discovery Rosanna Rothery finds out about a Fringe TheatreFest show that will make you see Barnstaple in wild, wacky and wonderful ways SOFTLY in my ear, her voice directs me into Butchers Row. She tells me to pause and listen to its hustle and bustle, smell its distinctive pungent odours and look anew at its arched shop fronts. Lyrical words and music flow into my headphones. It’s strangely calming, a little mysterious. I’m on an adventure. I’m excited. I’m looking at Barnstaple in a fresh way – it […]



“Hi. This is a site-specific performance. A love letter to the town. That means you will be walking, and in this case, on your own. But dont worry, I will stay with you. Now follow me. We need to find the other. ” Together is our tailor made site-specific performance at the Barnstaple Theatrefest. By using a set-up as simple as an audio tour, the town is transformed into a playful and dreamlike place that calls for constant interaction and engagement. Will you be the Archeologist, the Tourist, the Local or the Flâneur? Pick and play your part during this unique […]