The story of great art is the story of losers

and there was no bigger loser than Lesley Roscoe. Performance artist, degenerate, raconteur, fashion icon, mystic, activist, body artist, land artist, dadaist and green grocer. If you look up Lesley Roscoe on Wikipedia you’ll see a breathtaking mass of misinformation, dead links and more ‘needs citation’ flags waving in the wind than good ol’ stars stripes on the 4th of July. Lesley Roscoe is our mentor, muse, alter-ego and imaginary friend.

The Fruits of Failure is a live documentary that examines the life of the legendary performance artist Lesley Roscoe. Using a film studio made up of obsolete technology Almost Human blend live and recorded footage in order to make a film as strange, chaotic and beautiful as the life it is portraying.


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