A sensual, sensitive piece that will not fail to bring joy to those who are lucky enough to take part in this adventure.


Rosa Irwin Clark, FringeReview


Audacious, enthralling, challenging and delightful.

Michael Calcott, Prague Fringe



Nominated for the Prague Fringe Creative Award 2016, Almost Human is proud to present interactive adventure Together.

Together is a performance about being playful in the city again. Through the medium of an audio tour and various small installations, 4 participants take to the streets to follow 4 different routes, which will lead them in specific narratives to explore the city. They will encounter each other and various festival locations at points, to finally come together at a dinner table. A performative love letter to the city; Together is a piece of wonder, excitement and engagement.


Lyrical words and music flow into my headphones. It’s strangely calming, a little mysterious. I’m on an adventure. I’m excited. (…) It suddenly feels as if I am in this town for the first time.

Rosanna Rothery, North Devon Journal


Together started as a project catered to the small English town Barnstaple, and its Fringe Theatrefest. After attending for two years in a row, we started to learn more and more about the town and its rich history and culture. When a local guided us through, the intimate affinity of our guide with the community got to us as well– and we wanted to create something in honour of it. A love letter to Barnstaple, so to speak. We explored the different modes that one can encounter a place, and created four different paths out of this. However, community was such an important aspect to the town, that we quickly realised that the four participants should start and end together in this walking adventure, and we should co-operate with locals to realise the project. The result was a playful and intimate piece about exploring, walking, encountering and falling in love with places (all over again).

The piece developed further for the Prague Fringe Festival 2016, where the project truly took flight. After 45 shows in 9 days it had the honour to receive excellent reviews and even being shortlisted for the Prague Fringe Creative Award 2016.

Now, Almost Human wants to keep writing love letters, and to cater the performance to every town and city they fall in love with. Although the performance will always keep its spirit in essence, it will without a doubt be as different to the previous show as Barnstaple and Prague are. But by keeping the same format and mindset, we intend to create the same energy, sensitivity and playfulness that made the previous shows such a success.

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