Alongside their performance work, Almost Human is pleased to announce their accompanying one or two day workshops. Ideal for students in further and higher education, Almost Human allows participants to explore and experiment with set and technology from their own performances, creating a unique opportunity to receive tuition in new methods of performance practice and collaboration.


We will happily work with course leaders and department heads to help realise a workshop catered to the needs of your students. Whether you are running a Media in Performance module and need an intensive introduction to new and old technology, or are exploring collaborative methods of devising, Almost Human can tailor your workshop to explore the key skills that you wish your students to develop, providing a workshop that compliments the requirements of the course.

During one or two day sessions, students will:

  • Be introduced to our unique methods of international collaboration, and take part in a group discussion on the creation of both our performance projects and the way we operate as a professional company.
  • Focus on collaborative working practices to further develop their skills as collaborators.
  • Put into practice the methods we use as practitioners, explore new ways of devising as a group and reflecting on current devising strategies, identifying personal strengths and hurdles, and exploring ways to turn these into advantages for devising.
  • Experiment with, and introduced to, technologies within the creative, devising, and performance process, and take part in a rare opportunity to explore how our methods of working can create exciting and surprising performances.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Employing the use of QLab and editing software
  • Introduction and experience with visual mixing board technology, green screens, and video camera operation
  • The use of comprehensive sound systems and their technologies, as well as Foley art and its composition and execution.
  • Performance with models, miniature sets and puppets and the manipulation of props in performance.


Workshops can be booked alongside a performance booking or independently and are available for between nine and twenty participants. Students that have particularly benefitted from these sessions are those students on courses and modules that concern scenographic practices, performance composition and devised performance.

For more information, please email us at, or via the form on the bottom right corner.